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Different Types Of Dog Beds
- By Peter John

It is really arduous to select the best bed for your dog from so many different varieties available in the market, prices varying accordingly. Dog beds are beneficial for the dog owners as well as their dog as they discourage the habit of lolling and sleeping where they should not and also helpful in protecting their joints that would have been affected if they were allowed to lie on the hard floor.

There are some point of considerations which has to be laid stress upon while shopping. Shop keeping in mind the size of your dog, its age, its tendency to track dirt and shed and most importantly the climatic conditions of your area. This is because a dog of warm climatic area will not feel comfortable on those bed that are especially made for the dogs of winter region or older dog will not find any comfort on the bed made for young dogs. A dog bed that allows air to circulate and cool the dog is recommended for dogs of warmer region and a fleece-lined or even electrically heated pet bed is the best choice for the dogs in colder region. Orthopedic beds with medical-grade poly foam insulate older pets from cold floors and reduce strain and pressure on their joints. Next is the determination of the model and size of the beds which depends on your dog's breed. Larger breeds prefer bolster and mat pet beds, while miniature pets and puppies feel more secure in a nesting dog bed.

Since canines have the habit to loll and use their bed to maxim so there are chances of their bed getting dirty therefore a removable, machine washable cover (cotton in the summer and fleece in the winter) is ideal. Heavy woven poly/cotton blends are the most durable canine bed fabrics. Beds should be provided according to the behavior of dogs for example Dirty dogs should be provided all-weather cot, which can be hose down or spot-cleaned with soapy water whereas for clean dogs luxurious velvet, sheepskin, and fleece dog beds. For bed-wetter, beds with a zippered inner liner, a few of which are waterproof is ideal. The stuffing of a dog bed is equally important those are available with different types of bed filler that comes in different densities and can be easily replaced, contains cedar chips for odor and insect control and provide comfort and are durable.

Travel pet beds for canines are also available for those who spend a lot of time in traveling, providing every comfort required by your canine.

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