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General Interest Pet Articles

Cats, Dogs, Horses - Companion Animals' Importance to Humans
By Lisa J. Lehr
Companion animals have a place of special importance. Although humans have befriended many & varied species over time, cats, dogs & horses stand out in their ability to bond with humans.

Animal Communication: Art and Science to Help Pets and Their People
By Lisa J. Lehr
An understanding of animal communication - interspecies communication between humans and their pets or other animals - must begin with the understanding that animals, like humans, have personalities and feelings, preferences & opinions.

Pet Depression and Separation Anxiety
By Ian White
Pets develop emotional bonds to their human owners and when separated from them, pets may suffer from depression and separation anxiety.

Vaccinating Our Pets
By Kim Bloomer
Vaccinating our pets yearly will protect their immune system and keep them healthy - or will it?

Pet Insurance Guide - Pet Insurance is Vital for Your Pets
By Sardool Sikandar
Pet insurance - helpful guidance on insurance for your pet.

Choose The Right Vet, Your Pet's Life Rests In His Hands
By Paul W Wilson
One of the most crucial and important of decisions a pet-parent makes it that of choosing a vet. It is the vet who will understand your pet when he gets ill and care enough to practice what is now popular as preventive health care.

Understand Your Pet's Grooming Needs
By Mary Linkwell
Tips and advice on grooming your pet.

Pet Phobia
By Jonathon Hardcastle
Phobias are natural in humans and animals. Here is an explanation of pet phobias.

Dogs & Dog Care Articles

Grapes, Nuts, and Your Dogs Health -- Foods that Fido should Avoid
By Carolyn Schweitzer
Learn which foods could be putting your dogs health at risk and which are potentially poisonous.

Dog Adoption: So You Want To Adopt A Dog?
By Rebecca Prescott
Adopting a dog is a big decision, though the benefits of adoption are huge. Find out what issues you should consider when you choose to adopt a dog.

Different Types Of Dog Beds
By Peter John
Dog beds are beneficial for the dog owners as well as their dog. Tips for choosing the perfect bed for your dog.

Ring Worm in Dogs
By Marcus Peterson
Ringworm is one of the most common diseases in pets, especially dogs. A brief guide to ringworm in dogs and the spread of skin infection.

Tips for Choosing a Dog
By Michael Russell
Have you made the decision to get a dog? Picking the right breed for your lifestyle is an important factor.

Symptoms of Pain and Illness in Dogs
By Jennifer Bryant
Not only is it important to recognize these signs early to relieve pain and suffering, but it is much more effective to treat an illness when it is detected early.

Five Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make
by Katelyn Thomas
There are several mistakes many new puppy owners make that can turn this joyful time into a frustrating experience. Avoid these new dog owner mistakes to be sure you and your puppy are off to a great start.

How To Potty Train Your Dog
By Mike Strawbridge
A simple explanation of how to potty train your dog or puppy to go outdoors or indoors.

Dealing with Dog Allergies
By Nancy Settecasi
Dog allergies are very similar to human allergies and also produce the same symptoms as human allergies. There are 5 types of dog allergies: food allergy, flea allergy, bacteria allergy, contact allergy and atopy.

10 Free Dog Training Tips
By Mary Green
10 great tips to begin training your dog in obedience. Dog training will be much easier with these simple, useful tips to train your dog.

Secrets of Dog Training Professionals - Operant Conditioning
By Aidan Bindoff
The theory behind dog training and secrets of the dog training professionals - behavioral science and operant conditioning becomes real-life practical skills for training dogs.

10 Questions I'm Most Asked about Dogs in Heat
By Louise Louis
The most frequently asked questions about a dog in heat including what it is, how long it lasts and whether a dog goes through menopause.

Dog Nutrition: The Dos and Don'ts of Dog Feeding
By Nancy Settecasi
Learn the dos and don'ts of dog nutrition and diets. Know how and when to feed your dog.

Small Dogs: Different Breeds, Different Personalities
By Pat Schraier
Small dog breeds are wonderful, but their personalities are different. Here is a brief evaluation of small dog breeds, their personalities & characteristics.

Small Dog Breeds For Small Homes
By Ian White
There are many small and toy breeds that make excellent pets for small homes.

Cats & Cat Care Articles

Finding the Perfect Cat or Kitten for You and Your Family
By Niall Kennedy
When choosing a cat to be your companion, be certain to make the perfect choice for both you and your new cat...

Diabetes in Cats
By Anand Srinivasan
Information about feline diabetes and understanding how to help your cat.

Potty Training for Cats
By Anita Hampton
A helpful step-by-step guide to potty training your cats.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Hand When I Stroke Her?
By Larry Chamberlain - Cat
Why did my cat bite the hand that strokes her? Experts are unsure, but there are signs that cats give before biting.

Caring for an Older Cat - Cat Health and Cat Care
By Niall Kennedy
Health care for your aging cat - cats are living to an older age thanks to dedicated caring from their humans.

Why Cats Flip For Catnip
By Andrew Markison
What causes Catnip to affect cats this way? Catnip for cats explained.

Ring Worm In Cats
By Marcus Peterson
Informative article on the causes and symptoms of ring worm in cats.

How To Keep Your Cat Healthy - Cat Feeding Explained
By Niall Kennedy
Tips & advice on keeping your cats healthy by feeding them the right diet. Cat nutrition and good health.

How To Stop Your Cat Spraying
By Marc De Jong
Spraying is unpleasant cat behavior, but you can stop your cat from spraying. A how to guide to preventing cat spraying...

Common Illnesses in Cats
By Drew Pilton
A basic guide to the most common illnesses you may see in your cat.

Horses & Horse Care Articles

Basic Horse Care
By Rob Daniels
Horses are beautiful and sensitive creatures, and while a horse requires understanding and patience to have as a companion, they also need a whole lot of care.

Alternative Therapies for the Horse
By Michael Albert
Trends in veterinary medicine mirror trends in human medicine, and alternative medical therapies are being used more frequently on sick and injured horses.

Buying Your First Horse
By Paul Hegarty
A horse is a big investment of time, money, responsibility and commitment. Buying your first horse is a big decision and not one made lightly.

Horse Tack And Equipment Basics - Helpful Hints
By Angel Abdulnor
Horse tack & equipment you will need in order to properly care for & enjoy your horse.

I Am Afraid to Canter with My Horse, Can You Help?
By Alicia Harper
Simple advice and lesson suggestions for learning to canter on your horse and moving past your fear.

Choosing the Perfect Horseshoes
By Ray La Foy
A guide to choosing the perfect horseshoes for your horse.

Picking Up A Horse's Hoof How To
By Jeffrey Rolo
How to safely pick up a horses hoof with a little care and are some basic steps to picking up a hoof.

The American Quarter Horse
By Michael Russell
The American Quarter Horse is believed to be the first All-American breed.

The Majestic Arabian Horse
By Michael Russell
The Arabian Horse is one of three breeds to which all modern horses can trace their roots.