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Potty Training for Cats
- By Anita Hampton

Initially, cat toilet trainers should know that cats learn one trick at a time. Changes are made after a first trick is mastered. A cats' motto: "Slowly but surely." The capacity of cats to learn differ and so are expectations, control them to avoid disappointment.

Consider the kind of cat to be potty trained. There are pampered, indoor, and spoiled cats. These types are the ones can be toilet trained. It is vital to maintain a house that does not smell like there is a cat living in it.

Follow these steps on how to effectively toilet train cats:

1. Start by placing the cat's litter box near the bathroom door. He should know the new location and uses the litter box as usual.

2. After about a week, put something underneath the potty trainer to elevate it. It could be a bunch of old newspapers, cardboard boxes, or floor mats.

3. Raise the litter box an inch higher every other day until it reaches the level of the toilet seat.

4. At the start of the training, the cat just steps onto the litter box as usual until it slowly jumps up and down from it.

5. Lift the toilet lid up in order for the cat to learn how to tromp with only the seat to step on.

6. Next, move the potty trainer above the toilet seat. Leave it this way for a week or two.

7. The most exciting part: remove the litter box from the toilet bowl but put down the metal bowl inside. Put a few litters for cat's recognition of purpose.

8. Once the cat is used to using the toilet bowl, tutor him on how to squat the right way and that is holding the legs for the correct posture as often as possible until mastered. If the cat has his all fours on the toilet seat, begin by holding the two legs in front.

9. As soon as he knows how to squat properly, lift the hinds out. Assist the cat as he learns how to balance in that position.

10. Start removing the litter from the metal bowl. Now put water at the bottom and increase the contents everyday.

11. Once the feline is already comfortable with the water in the metal bowl, take it all off the toilet bowl.

Cat toilet training is a slow process. Time and effort are invested to obtain a kitty litter free house. Not only does an owner get rid of the ghastly chore of cleaning the litter but get more time to enjoy the catís company.

Anita Hampton

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companion animals

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