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Pet Phobia
- By Jonathon Hardcastle

Fear is a natural feeling, people can fear different things all the time and this fear can be a result of any circumstance. When this fear turns into something beyond a normal phase and takes a different, much severe form then it turns into a phobia. Phobias are defined as an abnormal fear that becomes hard to control. Psychologists have given different reasons of phobias that vary from a minute fear of insects to an intense phobia of circumstances and situations. It may be the result of what may have passed in a person's life, a bad experience that leaves a permanent mark on the person's personality.

Phobias are natural in humans and even in animals. People fear animals to a point of being ridiculous and we call such fears phobias because of their abnormality. Even pets themselves suffer from phobias. Now we can ponder over a few a few kinds of phobias to help understand them in a better way and this way people suffering from such phobias can be helped and they can help themselves when they understand that these fears are superficial and they can be easily overcome.

Cat phobia is a simple fear of cats, that they will jump out of somewhere and scratch someone's face with their claws. This phobia is more commonly observed in women than in men and basically in children. They avoid going to houses that keep cats and dogs as pets. Besides this people also fear lizards or little insects and they over react if they visit a house where the people have snakes or tarantulas as pet.

Small children are more likely to suffer from such phobias. They tend to suffer from an unknown fear of dogs that they might jump over them and bite them. These fears may also be original because of a terrible experience that a person might have gone through in the past. An encounter with a dog or any other pet that might have attacked a person and after that experience a fear sets in the heart that becomes hard to overcome. Even pets that are treated badly or harshly start suffering from phobias. They become hesitant, meek and they start to whimper and hide under the sofas when any human tries to approach them. Pets like horses, cats, dogs too suffer from phobias like fearing fire, loud sounds, explosions etc. These phobias are curable with the help of psychiatrists. The best way however, to get rid of a phobia, like all other fears is to force yourself into a situation where you have to face it and be strong, keeping in mind that it will help you get over it.

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