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Pet Insurance Guide - Pet Insurance is Vital for Your Pets
- By Sardool Sikandar

Pet insurance covers all veterinary costs in case your pet is ill or needs some care. Several insurance policies also pay a sum of money if your pet dies, lost or stolen. Insurance companies offer complete dog and cat insurance coverage at very competitive rates. Generally pet insurance policy pays for unexpected illness, accidents, injuries, or some other emergencies viz. doctor visits, prescriptions, x-rays, lab fees or diagnostic tests etc.

Pet insurance is an easy way to cover all unexpected expenses of your pet. The pet owner will have to pay some amount against any claim. Pet insurance doesn’t pay for preventive veterinary care or elective veterinary care. Usually pet insurance is available for cats and dogs only but sometimes some special insurance is available for horses also. In developed countries all pet owners cut their pets’ expenses with the help of pet insurance.

Details of each and every pet insurance policy are different and policy coverage is also dissimilar from policy to policy. There are three main categories of pet insurance policies out of them first covers each condition or event, second offers highest value on total annual payments whereas the category is the cheapest that gives limited payment for some specific condition and it ends after one year of the treatment.

Cost of each policy plan is different and you can select the best as per your pets’ requirements. Best time to have a pet insurance policy is when your pet is little. You may also insure your pet in the age of 8 weeks but it is very difficult to get maximum coverage after middle age. Getting a new insurance policy in the middle age of your pet is very much expensive because at that time you’ll not be able to claim for existing health treatments.

Internet offers a quick as well as an easy way to shop for a pet insurance policy. It also helps in reducing the premiums. Not only pet insurance it also offers insurance for your car, home or life.

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