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10 Free Dog Training Tips
- By Mary Green

Training a dog is about to get much easier, follow the following tips to train your dog.

1. Always reward your animal for good behavior, this encourages them to repeat the behavior, so also remember not to reward bad behavior, as this will also be repeated.

2. Do not use food as a reward, it is a basic need to eat, drink, etc.

3. Only give orders to your dog if you will follow up on them with reward or punishment.

4. Punishment should not include abuse of any kind, this may only teach the dog to fear you, not respect you.

5. Be sure that you use the same commands and answers for every action your dog does, each should have its own name.

6. Use no to tell the dog that something is wrong, and use a positive word to tell the dog he has done something right.

7. You should make sure you are using the same training as all others that interact with the dog, this way there isn't any conflicting commands to follow.

8. Try using one command at a time to start training, such as sit, for a week, then speak the next, this gives you time with each command to really let it sink in.

9. Start young, the younger the dog the easier it is to train them, you can teach old dogs new tricks, it just takes longer.

10. If your dog is not training well within a couple, or is not showing any progress at all, make sure there is nothing wrong with him by having his physical done at the vets.

If you have found these tips to be helpful please check out my Blog for more information on dog training.

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