Pet Portraits in Oil Pastel

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Resources for Pet Adoption

Adopting a pet and offering them a loving home is one of the kindest gifts we can give our animal companions, especially those pets who have suffered in their past. Below are listed a few of the most popular websites for pet adoption, but there are many, many sites out there offering resources and information on helping you to make the right decision for your family and adopt a pet in need.

pet adoption

General Pet Adoption Resources
Adopt a pet dog or cat from animal welfare organizations across the country.

World Animal Net Directory by Country
world's largest database of pet adoption and protection societies.

PetHarbor.Com - National Pet Search Engine
Adoptable or lost-and-found pets nationwide. Data is pulled from hundreds of animal shelters around the United States & Canada. Lost pet matching service.

PETS 911 pet adoptions thru local animal shelters
Petfinder for lost and found pets. Resources for adopting a pet and online pet adoption. Search our veterinarians, pet shelters & rescues.

The Senior Dog's Project
Health and behavior news, stories and links to organizations with senior dogs available for adoption.
A worldwide online resource for animal shelters, advocacy, and adoption


pet adoption

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pet adoption